Time Is Precious, We Value Yours Like It Was Our Own.

Australian Motor Vehicle Services has a very smooth and simple process all designed to save you time, frustration, and money. Our customer service is second to none, and we will communicate all the way along the process. Even when it comes time to take delivery of your new car, the AMVS team will be there.

01 The fun Stuff

Have some fun discovering what it is you really want and what you really need. Use the resources available, the unlimited investigative powers of the internet can assist in making a decision on what is important to you. Brand, style, safety features, technology, price, etc. Read some reviews, then call AMVS.

02 No Hard Work

Put your feet up while we run around for you. We make dealers compete on price to bid on the exact vehicle, in the exact configuration, you want. This means it will be a great price. Why spoil The Fun Part with leg work and being hassled by car dealers. Be smart let AMVS do the hard work.

03 The Legal Bits

AMVS uses Electronic Paperwork. All tolled about 10 minutes work, all done from the comfort of your home or office. It really is that simple. Don’t sit in a dealership waiting hours to get simple paperwork done. Take the clever approach, its time to use AMVS electronic paperwork.

04 Out with the old

AMVS is connected to a national network of used car dealers that we contact to get the best price possible for your trade in. Our network makes dealers compete for your vehicle. Remove the hassle of finding a buyer for your car. At AMVS we do all the work for you, to make your life easier.

05 The Good Stuff

AMVS will deliver your new vehicle to your most convenient location. Whether it is your office, home, a sports oval, or shopping centre we come to you.  Once we deliver your new car we do not simply forget about you. We offer additional services that can continue to save you time and money for the life time of your vehicle. Our Concierge service takes care of your vehicle when it needs a service, or tires, or a warranty claim, or even just a detail clean. 

Recent deliveries for our clients