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AMVS is excited to offer our services to all members of Business East at no cost. When in the market for a new and demonstrator vehicle, call us 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

We can also refer you to our finance partner and you will be surprised the finance package they can offer.

We currently are partnered with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Nationally), Gold Cross (Nationally), Guild Insurance, Australian Medical Association Tasmania, the Law Society in Tasmania, Tasmanian Principal Association, Tasmanian Hospitality Association and many other commercial organisations like CEVA Logistics, Kuehne Nagel., etc.

 In short, we are your employees and members vehicle buying specialists. We search, buy and deliver new cars of all brands to our partnered organisations and their members Australian wide. Buying new cars is what we do, and we do it well. Finance options are available through our partner The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

We are in our fourth year of operations and are licensed Motor Car Trader in Tasmania.

 I would like to point that this is a free service, so there is no downside for you, your staff, or people within your organisation. Meaning that we buy motor vehicles at such a low rate we can still create a win/win for our clients and for us.

Key points:

  • We beat 99.9% of quotes that clients get from motor dealers, on the exact same car.

  • We sell all brands. Hence unlike dealers, we do not try and railroad any clients into any particular vehicle.

  • We want repeat clients, so we act in the best interest of our clients.

  • We do not have shinny showrooms that clients have to pay for.

  • Our extensive dealer network (4500+) gives us access to vehicles for test drives and inspections and the dealers offer us Corporate and Fleet Pricing and below.

  • We take care of your trade-in in a separate deal. We don’t use your trade -in to inflate the saving on the new vehicle.

  • After the purchase we follow up with your members several times a year and assist in emergencies and when the vehicle is due for its first service.

  • We find cars Australia wide. For example, in the last 45 days we have sent cars from Melbourne to Perth, and from Hobart to Sydney. Our network saves our clients, your members, thousands.

  • We are a licensed Motor Car Trader.

  • We are available 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

At AMVS our core principles are first class service, first class communication and first class outcome 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

When in the market for a new vehicle, please call Andre 0475 421 599 or Richard 0400 857 400, mention your membership with Business East and let AMVS to the rest so you can enjoy what you do best and enjoy while AMVS sources and delivers the new vehicle at the best price without any hassle.


28th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges VD Switzerland 5 OCT 2019

The 28th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting took place last Saturday in one of the most attractive towns on the shores of the Lake of Geneva. Over 1500 beautiful cars and motorcycles were presented in the park next to the picturesque quays of Morges.

The entrance is free for participants and visitors and although the weather could have shown a friendlier face, the cars and motorcycles put on a shiny show.

This year Alvis, Bentley and old Minis were the guest of honor at the Car Meeting in Morges.

English cars and motorcycles from Switzerland, Britain, France, Italy, Germany Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and approximately 19000 spectators were expected to admire and enjoy as many cars and motorcycles possible in the one day event.

AMVS has started preparations for joining the next year’s event, 29th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges on 3 OCT 2020 and we will keep you updated about our 8 days car enthusiast program across Switzerland from 1 OCT until 9 OCT 2020. You better circle these dates in your agenda now.

John Lennon's Rolls Royce Phantom V vs Hotel Drei Koenige's Bentley

Most probably the most colorful Bentley and vehicle in the world. For those of you who remember John Lennon’s colorful Rolls Royce, which Rolls Royce refused to service in the 70’s, would turn in their graves now.

Since the reopening in 2006 the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel/Switzerland has supported charity projects and joint ventures dedicated to the welfare of children in Basel.

In Autumn 2007 two classes were recruited to redesign the look of the Hotel’s limousine using spray paints.

The result – a limousine that is bursting with joy and happiness and representing the claim: Rich in history, young at heart! Applying a great deal of artistic license, the school children transformed the vehicle into a distinctive work of art on four wheels.

Go and have look yourself when in Basel the next time and share your thoughts with us!

1930 Cadillac V-16

Last week after picking up a new vehicle in Melbourne for a client in Tasmania and waiting to drive onto the Spirit of Tasmania, a 1930 Cadillac was waiting as well and ready to go to her new home in Tasmania.

After a chat with the new owner, a car collector in Tasmania without any V-16 vehicles in his collection until now, I learned the following of the V-16 Cadillac history in about 15 minutes:before boarding:

The Cadillac V-16 was Cadillac's top-of-the-line model from its January 1930 launch until 1940. The V16 power plant was a first in the United States.

Only 4076 were constructed in its 11-year run, with the majority built before the Great Depression. The start of World War II reduced the sales, resulting in its demise.

PAGANI ZONDA - Hearing, Seeing and now Believing

Pagani is an Italian sports car manufacturer and the Pagani Zonda, a mid-engine sports car with a V12 Mercedes AMG power plant, debuted at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. By 2018, a total of 140 cars had been built. Both 2-door coupé and roadster variants have been produced along with a third new variant being the Barchetta. Construction is mainly of carbon fibre and production ended with the model Zonda Zun a few months ago.

You could have seen the Pagani in computer games and play consoles. Our client Marc W was lucky enough to take it a level higher. He was invited recently to a a private function in Switzerland where he could see, touch and hear the Pagani Zonda S. He talks a different car enthusiast language since that day he saw with his own eyes, heard it with his own ears and has now more difficulties falling asleep at night.

Is it time to upgrade to a new vehicle with the latest safety specifications?

With the election behind us, it is time to turn the focus back on important issues. Have you thought of upgrading to a new car with the latest safety features for yourself and your family?

AMVS is here to help you make it an easy and time efficient experience. You don’t have to leave your home or work - we will negotiate and deliver new and demo vehicles hassle free to your doorstep 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

In addition to the Australian Medical Association, the Law Society of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Principal Association, AVMS is thrilled and honoured to announce the THA has partnered with AMVS:

 The Tasmanian Hospitality Association - - partnered with AMVS on the 20th May 2019 and we welcome their members and staff. Being a member of Tasmanian Hospitality Association just got better.

 We continue to provide the most comprehensive and personalised vehicle buying service in Australia. Testament to our service is the continuing relationship with our Australia wide partners the Guild Group, CEVA Logistics and Kuehne Nagel. We have provided services to so many individuals that work for these companies that it humbles us when client return or refer us to friends and family.

Our office hours from now until 30 June 2019
The End of the Financial Year and May and June are the busiest months of the year for new car sales in Australia. With all the EOFY specials advertised in the media, leave it to AMVS to ensure you will get the most for your money without investing time and driving to several dealers. Hassle free, time and money saving, and delivery to you at your convenience, are only a few elements to make your new or demo vehicle purchase and the sale of the possible trade in the easiest way possible.

 Please note that to serve you even better, we are open and available every single day from 600AM until 1000PM to assist you with delivering that special new vehicle with a red hot price to you before EOFY 2019.

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AMVS is assisting expats with arranging and delivering their new vehicle so when they arrive in Australia, the new vehicle is ready. And when they are ready to leave for their nest assignment outside Australia, AMVS assists with the hassle free sale of their vehicle so the client can focus on the many tasks with the move ahead of them.

This Peugeot 3008 was built in June 2017 and complied in August 2017:

  • Nera Black Metallic

  • 1.6l Petrol engine 121 kW

  • Black Mistral Claudia Leather

  • Advanced Safety Pack

  • Electric Tailgate

  • Panoramic Opening Sunroof

and is ready for immediate sale.

If you would like to secure a luxurious wagon with the modern technology for a very reasonable price, please call AMVS on 1300 667 559 or call Andre on 0475 421 599.

When in Europe this October - Swiss Classic British Car Meeting at the shores of Lake Geneva 5 OCT 2019

Although AMVS does have a connection to Switzerland, we had forgotten about the yearly Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges, on the shores of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva, until our client Marc W stopped by accident in Morges for a coffee - and a lot more than he ever thought off.

The Swiss Classic British Car Meeting started in 1991 and has grown continuously over the past 27 years to over 1600 vehicles coming to Morges just for the weekend last year.

It was the 6 OCT 2018 and Marc was kind enough to send a few pictures of the more than 1600 vehicles present last year.

In 2019 the 28th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting will be held in Morges on 5 October and if you are in Europe then, we strongly suggest to take the train, boat, car or plane (Geneva) and spend a fabulous weekend in Morges -

If you have any questions or would like to make a contribution, please do not hesitate and contact us via or our facebook page

At AMVS we value and treat our clients like family - Example No. 1

On 24 December 2018 in the afternoon around 230PM, AMVS received a phone call from a client of the Guild Insurance asking for urgent assistance. Her vehicle was involved in an accident earlier and was beyond repair.

Our staff at AMVS immediately started with the search of a new vehicle, arranged a loan car for the client and finally negotiated a stunning price for the new vehicle with a Melbourne Dealer.

At 830PM on 24 DEC 2018 all was arranged and confirmed and the client was able to start the Festive Season without any concerns knowing she was in good hands until AMVS were able to swap the loan car for her new vehicle today.

Client’s testimonial:

Dear Andre,
Thank  you and greatly appreciated for your excellent services.... 
Regards Lana V, Pharmacist VIC

Kevin Knight - AMVS Rep for Tasmania

The Team at AMVS is delighted to welcome Kevin Knight as our new colleague and representative for Tasmania.

 Kevin’s lustrous career in the automobile industry in Tasmania includes 15 years with Performance Automobiles in Hobart culminating as Sales Manager for Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Volvo. 7 years ago Kevin moved to Jackson Motor Company as Audi Sales Executive and was promoted to VW and Audi Corporate Business Manager until recently semi-retired. Kevin comes with a total of 40 years of experience in the Motor Industry.

 Kevin does not stop in his spare time, he gets involved and contributes to racing events, supports various Automobile Clubs, sails, and plays Master Hockey.

Great to have you on board Kevin.

Kevin covers all of Tasmania

Kevin covers all of Tasmania

Another Bumper Year - 2017

RECORD YEAR FOR MOTOR INDUSTRY IN 2017 Australia’s motor industry has achieved another record year of sales in 2017, according to results released today by the industry’s official statistical service, VFACTS.

The industry posted a record December result to reach a 12-month total of 1,189,116, an increase of 0.9 per cent over 2016. It marks the industry’s fourth record in five years. The December total of 102,820 was also a record for that month, up 4.1 per cent on December 2016.

Releasing the 2017 results, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said that 2017 marks the first full year in which the sales of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have outstripped those of passenger cars. “Australians bought 465,646 SUVs during 2017 for a 39.2 per cent share of the total market, compared with 450,012 passenger cars with a 37.8 per cent share,” Mr Weber said.

“The shift in industry dynamic we observed last year has now become entrenched in our market. It is a growth pattern that we expect will continue.” Light commercial vehicles also carried on their steady sales climb last year, up from an 18.5 per cent share of the total market in 2016 to 19.9 per cent in 2017. Mr Weber said that while the stability of the Australian economy and low interest rates were influential factors in the overall market growth, it was the fierce competition within the market place between brands which provided the momentum.

“Clearly Australian consumers recognise the value for money that is on offer in the new vehicle market, and responded accordingly,” Mr Weber said. “To have eight record months out of 12 in 2017 speaks volumes for how brands successfully placed new products and incentives into the market which kept attracting buyers into the showrooms right through the year.”

The top-selling model for 2017 was the Toyota Hilux, for the second year in a row. It was also the top-seller in December with 3,949 sales, followed by the Holden Astra (3,533), the Ford Ranger (3,458), the Holden Colorado (3,222) and the Mazda3 (2,807). Toyota was top-selling brand of 2017 with an 18.2 per cent market share, followed by Mazda with 9.8 per cent, Hyundai (8.2%), Holden (7.6%) and Mitsubishi (6.8%).



Buying Service or a Broker, what to choose?

One interesting question we often get asked is "is AMVS a Broker"? Short answer, no. Long answer, I'll explain.

A typical brokerage will have preferred dealers, they will source you some quotes, and connect you with the dealer to make the sale, and charge you a fee for this service. 

A Vehicle Buying Service line AMVS will spend some time talking to about your selection of vehicle, what features you require, colour/s, and even timing. Our agents will then start search for the vehicle you are looking for an talk directly with dealers to truly understand what they have in stock and what they are willing to do to unload that stock. AMVS has over 4000 dealers on our books across Australia, and very often we source cars in one state and deliver them in another, and still save clients 1000's of dollars. We have after market accessories fitted, such as tinted windows, interior and exterior protection, tow bars, bull bars, cargo mats, floor mats etc. all done before delivery takes place. 

Our service agent will find the dealer most motivated to move the car you want, and we then push for the best price. Our agent is your single point of contact, one person for the entire transaction, right through to delivery. Your AMVS Agent will deliver the vehicle to the client, either at work, at home, or even at a train station between clients when the need arises.

So a Vehicle Buying Service is really about an end to end personalised service rather then a tick, flick, and charge business. There are many brokers around who do a good job and are good people, and there are many that aren't. If you just shopping for a reasonable price and a quote, a broker is for you. If you want a great price and the entire hassle taken out of the buying process, with no dealer harassing you for days or weeks, AMVS is the place for you.

Give it a try, call us and have a chat. It's a great service.