A vehicle service like no other

When your time is important let AMVS take care of your vehicle needs


Quarterly servicing call outs, e.g. Scheduled service, Breakdowns

4 annual maintenance or pickup call outs, e.g. Cleaning, Repairs, Airport pickups.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle advisory service

Service agent advisor

Discount off new vehicle purchase


6 monthly servicing call out

Service agent adviser

2 annual maintenance call outs

Vehicle Management

Vehicle advisory service

Discount off new vehicle purchase


Yearly service

Service agent advisor

Client advice

Discount off new car purchase

What we offer


Servicing made easy

When your vehicle needs a service we take care of it. Take your car to work and we will come pick it up, take it for its service and bring it back. After your day has finished just go right back to your car park and go home.


Ever known that you should rotate your tires, or get that sticky door handle looked at. Ever had that thought that i’ll get my mechanic to look at the next week when I have time? The AMVS Concierge service makes sure that you can get all those little maintenance jobs fixed.

REPAIRS Value Your Asset

We get the quotes, and get it out to be repaired. Accumulating required repairs devalues your asset fasted then it should. Take action call AMVS.


With our Concierge service we supply you a fuel card to ensure all of your fuel is tracked for easy EOFY reporting. We also capture all servicing costs, insurance costs, registration costs, maintenance costs, and any other costs that we capture or your report to us.

TRACKING Where is it?

If needed AMVS can have tracking equipment installed on your vehicle. If you want to know where your vehicle is, or if it goes missing for any reason Vehicle tracking can go a long way to making sure it gets returned as soon as possible. Some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with trackers.


VEHICLE BUYING Saving You Time and Money

As a Special Offer to all of our concierge clients, we will refund up to 50% of the first 2 years Concierge Service fees, valued at the Silver Service package price if you purchase your new vehicle through AVMS. This AMVS offer will help offset the overall costs of owning your vehicle.