Is Mercedes-Benz Beating BMW? 5 Key Points

  1. Styling - Mercedes Benz has over the past few years really got their act together when it comes to looks. I'll admit, some are a bit hard on the eye, those early A180 and B200's didn't sit well with me. However, overall MB has done a smashing job with many of their vehicles. Stand outs for me are, the GL series (notably the GLE and GLC Coupes, so good), along with the C-Class sedan, great looking vehicle.  BMW on the other hand are still making the X3? Along with the 1 Series 5 Door, the 2 Series Active Tour, and the list goes on. How to resolve this. BMW should drive down the road to Mercedes Benz and offer each of their designers $1,000,000 a year to come across. Done
  2. Branding - MB has a remarkable brand presence. They have that logo that can be placed right in the centre of the grill, as huge as they like, and it still works. BMW on the other hand, have the white and blue logo, which through no fault of their own makes it hard to mess with.
  3. Market Depth - for whatever reason when I see a Mercedes Benz truck driving down the road I don't get the feeling that it takes away from the refinement and prestige of the domestic vehicle brand. They have managed to pull off this product depth over many years and have maintained the feeling of quality and prestige across the entire range. BMW do not make trucks, or commercial vehicles of any kind, that I'm aware of.  
  4. Pricing - Even match here. There is no real difference in pricing for the two brands, they are both top end and it will be other feature that make people decide which way they want to go.
  5. Performance - The M3 BMW is one of the most well known power houses on the market for a prestige brand. Now I'm not saying its the best, but like the VW Golf GTi, it is really well know. The AMG branding of MB is really having an impact. You hear an AMG-63 go past and everyone looks up. It sounds beautiful. Yet, I'd still own an M3 over it any day.

At AMVS we support all brands of vehicles, because we know from working with our clients, motor vehicle likes, wants, and desires are unique to each person.  Its fortunate that we sell all brands and all models, we will never try and push clients to one brand or another. We listen to your needs and make suggestions if asked. After that we just get you a great price on the vehicle of your choice.