Welcome to the Australian Motor Vehicle Services happy Cinzia.

We wish you safe travels and unlimited smiles with the new Fiat 500X Pop Star.

It is our first Fiat 500X Pop Star delivery. One of our team members - we need to mention he is well over 50 years young - grew up close to the Italian border where the Fiat 500 could be seen regularly. He recalls pickups from Primary School in the Fiat 500 with one Dad charged with pickup duties of 7 primary school kids, two in the front next to the driver, 5 on the back seat, all screaming and giggling when the driver simulated the “Monza Start”…Finishing up school then was even more fun with the Fiat 500 waiting.

The Fiat 500, known initially as 'The Cinquecento' was launched by Fiat Company in July 1957, and produced until 1975. The Cinquecento was designed by Dante Giacosa and marketed as a cheap, functional and economical town car for post-war Italy.

After researching and offering our client various manufacturer options, the client instructed AMVS to arrange a test drive in the Fiat 500X Pop Star. After seeing and driving the Fiat 500X Pop Star, we all were positively surprised by the functionality, comfort and technology the Fiat offered.

Thank you Cinzia for offering us the opportunity in delivering you the new Fiat 500X Pop Star and showing the new vehicle to your staff, 2 have already booked a test drive for a Fiat 500 in a different configuration. Tante Grazie.