28th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges VD Switzerland 5 OCT 2019

The 28th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting took place last Saturday in one of the most attractive towns on the shores of the Lake of Geneva. Over 1500 beautiful cars and motorcycles were presented in the park next to the picturesque quays of Morges.

The entrance is free for participants and visitors and although the weather could have shown a friendlier face, the cars and motorcycles put on a shiny show.

This year Alvis, Bentley and old Minis were the guest of honor at the Car Meeting in Morges.

English cars and motorcycles from Switzerland, Britain, France, Italy, Germany Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and approximately 19000 spectators were expected to admire and enjoy as many cars and motorcycles possible in the one day event.

AMVS has started preparations for joining the next year’s event, 29th Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges on 3 OCT 2020 and we will keep you updated about our 8 days car enthusiast program across Switzerland from 1 OCT until 9 OCT 2020. You better circle these dates in your agenda now.