John Lennon's Rolls Royce Phantom V vs Hotel Drei Koenige's Bentley

Most probably the most colorful Bentley and vehicle in the world. For those of you who remember John Lennon’s colorful Rolls Royce, which Rolls Royce refused to service in the 70’s, would turn in their graves now.

Since the reopening in 2006 the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel/Switzerland has supported charity projects and joint ventures dedicated to the welfare of children in Basel.

In Autumn 2007 two classes were recruited to redesign the look of the Hotel’s limousine using spray paints.

The result – a limousine that is bursting with joy and happiness and representing the claim: Rich in history, young at heart! Applying a great deal of artistic license, the school children transformed the vehicle into a distinctive work of art on four wheels.

Go and have look yourself when in Basel the next time and share your thoughts with us!