Buying Service or a Broker, what to choose?

One interesting question we often get asked is "is AMVS a Broker"? Short answer, no. Long answer, I'll explain.

A typical brokerage will have preferred dealers, they will source you some quotes, and connect you with the dealer to make the sale, and charge you a fee for this service. 

A Vehicle Buying Service line AMVS will spend some time talking to about your selection of vehicle, what features you require, colour/s, and even timing. Our agents will then start search for the vehicle you are looking for an talk directly with dealers to truly understand what they have in stock and what they are willing to do to unload that stock. AMVS has over 4000 dealers on our books across Australia, and very often we source cars in one state and deliver them in another, and still save clients 1000's of dollars. We have after market accessories fitted, such as tinted windows, interior and exterior protection, tow bars, bull bars, cargo mats, floor mats etc. all done before delivery takes place. 

Our service agent will find the dealer most motivated to move the car you want, and we then push for the best price. Our agent is your single point of contact, one person for the entire transaction, right through to delivery. Your AMVS Agent will deliver the vehicle to the client, either at work, at home, or even at a train station between clients when the need arises.

So a Vehicle Buying Service is really about an end to end personalised service rather then a tick, flick, and charge business. There are many brokers around who do a good job and are good people, and there are many that aren't. If you just shopping for a reasonable price and a quote, a broker is for you. If you want a great price and the entire hassle taken out of the buying process, with no dealer harassing you for days or weeks, AMVS is the place for you.

Give it a try, call us and have a chat. It's a great service.