Evaluating a Vehicle Buying Service

Here is a true story form January 2017.

A Client rings on his way to a dealership to purchase a new VW Golf Trendline for his daughter. If you look at our Portfolio of deliveries you’ll see the little white Trendline. The client explains that he only called us as his friend had mentioned he had used our services and it was a great experience.

He had tried 2 other services in the past 3 days and had zero results. One was the preferred supplier to their organisation, the other was the previous preferred supplier of the organisation. He explained that both very poor experiences, one of them didn’t even respond. AMVS Delivered the Golf 4 days later and saved him $1750 on the deal he had secured himself.

So why are we good at what we do? Firstly and very importantly, we are a licensed motor dealer. This means we hold our standards very high and can display that we understand the motor vehicle industry.

Many Brokers and Vehicle Buying Services are not licensed. We are an end to end Vehicle Buying Service not a quoting service, we do not simply get you a quote and say good luck with that. We are a full service, we tender, we negotiate, we check your new car prior to delivery.  simply give good old fashion service and we stay in touch at every step.

Our process is simple so people don’t get confused. Our deliveries are scheduled for a time that suits you. We have a national network of dealers, so we can find cars anywhere in Australia. We have a network of dealers in the US, so we can source and import American cars for clients who are historical enthusiasts.

We understand that our client are time poor and have better things to do then to spend their time buying and looking after a vehicle. This doesn’t mean they do not really enjoy owning a nice car. Quite the opposite, many of our client love their cars and would rather spend time with their family, friends, at work, or out driving rather the running around servicing, cleaning, buying, and repairing their cars. This is why AMVS offers our Concierge service, to ensure that the time savings continue even after you have purchased your vehicle.