How Safe are Your Loved Ones?

2017 has already seen AMVS have an increased level of requests for vehicles that offer high levels of safety. The 2016 Victorian ‘Towards Zero’ campaign was advertising that buying a safer car will help their cause. So it might be time to ask yourself, are you and your loved ones the safest you can be? uo.

There are many features that are now available to decrease your chances of having and accident, while increasing your chances of being safe if the contact does happen.

Lane Departure – There two programs in play here. Lane departure warning, which beeps and in some cases, shakes the steering wheel if you stray over to the white line. Then there is lane departure assist, which actively steers you back inside the lane when you stray.

Blind Spot Monitor – If you have ever driven in traffic, there are times when you just don’t notice the car that is just behind and in your blind spot. Most systems have a red light in the rear-view mirror that illuminates when a vehicle is in your blind spot. If you try and change lanes the system signals that there is a vehicle there.

Adaptive Cruise Control – Here again we have a few options. One that beeps and flashes when you get to close to the car in front. The next adjusts the speed of your vehicle to maintain the distance between you and the car in front. This system (in many cases) has collision mitigation, meaning the vehicle brakes and attempts to avoid and reduce the impact speed, which reduces injuries. Some vehicle systems use steering, braking and power control to avoid collisions. One thing to be careful of is that for some vehicles if cruise control is not engaged, collision mitigation is also inactive.

Fatigue Alert – This excellent little system monitors the driver and makes noises to keep the driver alert and also instructs them to take a break.

Airbags – These seem to a forgotten feature. Yet when the worst happens they play such critical role in reducing deaths. Driver and passenger airbags have been around for many years, however side curtain, seatbelt, pedestrian, are all now featured to reduce injury and deaths.


The Simple things – Heated mirrors, auto dipping head lights, tire pressure monitors, run flat tires, seat-belt pre-tensioners, braking, steering, traction control, ESP systems, and the list goes on.

A car has two primary functions, to get you around, and to protect you from harm (From the elements and contact with objects). Otherwise, we may as well ride a motor bike.

Time to Trade Up to the safest car you can afford? Call AMVS 1300 667 559 today and we can help you find the answer to a safer vehicle.